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Maui Firing Range Scheduling

Aloha Fellow Shooters,

Update as of 9/26/2021 @ 9:00PM


We will be opening the range for October bookings tomorrow evening. Mahalo for all the patience and support as we work to resolve.

Below is the letter received from the Parks and Recreation Department:

On August 19, 2021, the County of Maui enacted the above-referenced rules for the use and operation of the Maui Firing Range (hereinafter referred to as the “Rule” or “Rules”), located at Ukumehame. Section 10-108-5(b) of the Rules allows only authorized firearms to be used at the Range. The Rule also requires the Range Safety Officer at the Range to inspect a firearm registration certificate for each firearm brought onto the premises prior to firing. The purpose in doing so would be to ensure that the firearm is registered.

Hawaii Revised Statutes (“HRS”) § 134-3 requires, with certain enumerated exceptions, that firearms in each County shall be registered with the Chief of Police. Part of the registration process requires the applicant to fill out a registration form. Disclosure of the name and address of individuals registering firearms shall remain confidential except in a few circumstances. Use of a municipal firing range is not one of the enumerated circumstances where confidential identifying information must be disclosed.

Section 10-108-3 of the Rules establishes that in the event of a conflict between the HRS and the Rules, the more restrictive provisions apply. Here, the HRS is clearly more restrictive because it prohibits the disclosure of confidential information, while the Rules require disclosure of that information.

Based on the above, as well as consultation with the Department of the Corporation Counsel, the Department has concluded that the HRS must be followed. To that end, we are suspending §10-108-S(b) of the Rules while this discrepancy is remedied.

Update as of 9/17/2021 @ 6:00PM


Clubs are unable to support Open Public days at the range due to one rule in the newly implemented Administrative Rules for the Ukumehame Range approved and issued by the Department of Parks and Recreation last month.

The Clubs are Non Profits supporting the open days with volunteer Range Safety Officers. Covering the operations with Club’s insurance and resources. During COVID-19 we have served more than 7,000 shooters. 

The Rule is:



10-108-5 Safety rules and procedures.

(b) Only authorized firearms are allowed on the Range. All shooters must present a copy of the firearm registration certificate to the Range Safety Officer prior to firing.

The Clubs submitted written testimony at the June Hearing regarding the proposed new rules advising that the rule was an issue as Range Safety Officers are not Police Officers.

We have been advised by Legal Counsel that the rule is a violation of HRS 134-3 and may subject the Range Safety Officers and Clubs to legal action. 

Here is the relevant section of HRS 134-3:

HRS 134-3

Subsection  (b) 

All registration data that would identify the individual registering the firearm by name or address shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed to anyone, except as may be required:

(1)   For processing the registration;

(2)   For Database management by the Hawaii criminal justice data center;

(3)   By a law enforcement agency for the lawful performance of its duties; or

(4)   By order of a court.

The Clubs have had communication with the Department of Parks and Recreation via email and telephone as well as meeting with a Community Liaison from the Mayor’s Office this week.

We remain hopeful that the rule is amended removing the Requirement to check the Registration Certificate at the Range.  

Your recent letters of support have been helpful in expressing our communities concern. We have shared them. Here are some contacts if you would like to send a letter or note directly:

Director Parks and Recreation – Karla Peters –

Community Liaison – Alan Fukuyama –

County Council, Human Concerns And Parks Committee voting members:

Chair – Tasha Kama –

Vice Chair – Yuki Lei K. Sugimura – Vice Chair –

Alice Lee –

Tamara Paltin –

Shane M. Sinenci –

We will continue to update you as we move forward. 

Update as of 9/10/2021 @ 4:15PM

We have now received a response to our inquiry sent to the County Of Maui we are currently reviewing and will update again when we get additional clarification. 

Update as of 9/10/2021 @ 4:00PM

We have not received a response to our inquiry sent August 27 2021 to the County Of Maui on the implementation of the new administration rules. We have several questions requiring clarification from the County of Maui. 

Update as of 8/27/2021

We regret to inform you that this Saturdays open day 8/28/2021 has been cancelled due to new changes to the county administration rules that govern the firing range. The County of Maui amended these rules:

Sub chapter 2-part b.

b) Only authorized firearms are allowed on the Range. All shooters must present a copy of the firearm registration certificate to the Range Safety Officer prior to firing.

We are seeking clarification from the county so we can implement this new rule for the park and provide the community new guidelines for checking in. Unfortunately its dated 8/19/21 as the start date.

We understand and share the frustration. As soon as we get a definitive answer on the rules and get approval for our new plan under county Covid-19 guidelines we can re-open bookings.

We apologize for the inconvenience.



Standby Process


Arrival Process for Standby

If a participant shows up and would like to be placed on a standby process, they will indicate to Range officers they do not have an appointment, then they will be directed to park next to the classroom. The first person that wishes to do so will be placed closest to the classroom and they will park in the order in which they have come and indicated they wish to be on standby they will be directed by check in staff where to park.


Once the open tables are identified

Upon closing of the gate at the designated time of 8am, 11 am or 2pm. Check in staff will validate open tables of un-assigned to the firing line via radio. Once the open tables are identified. The firing line Range Officers will radio back to check in staff and tables will be assigned in the order in which people indicated they wanted to be on the standby list.


If there are Open Tables

We will have the individuals fill out all of our contact tracing paperwork/ liability waivers, assign the table and allow the person to precede to the range. We will repeat this process until all un-assigned tables are full or we run out of standby individuals.

General Range FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do I need to book a range lane?

Due to Maui County, and Hawaii State Social Distancing Rules, the Range will be limiting the number of open lanes, to allow us to continue operating safely during this time.

Is there a cost?

Use of the range is free.

What are the Operating Times?

Saturday and Sunday from 8AM to 4PM in 3, 2 hour slots.

Starting at 8AM there will be 2 hour time-slots with an hour in-between to allow time for the range staff to sanitize the firing line for the next group.

What Should I Bring?

The only item that will be provided is a sanitized shooting table, there is to be no sharing of equipment. Ensure you have everything required before you arrive. You will be required to wear a face mask at all times.

How Long are the Range Time Slots?

Each party is limited to a 2 hours time slot each weekend. The 2 hour turnover periods will consist of 30 min Setup, 60 min Shooting, 30 min Takedown. 

Terms of Use

You will be required to read, sign and follow the special COVID policy in addition to the normal range policy.

Weather Dependant

Use of the range is subject to the day’s weather. If there is inclement weather that day’s shooting will be cancelled.


Highway 30, Lahaina, Hawaii, 96761

Range COVID Operating Policies

(*Note: every person that enters the county range will be required to sign a COVID and Range liability waiver

Failure to follow these rules may result in a warning or removal

1. By Advance Appointment Only

Use of the range until further notice will be by appointment only. We will allow 60 reservations per day, split into 3, 2 hour time-slots. You can make a booking on this website, and you will receive a confirmation. This will be checked upon arrival at the range. There will not be Standby or a Waiting List.

2. Face Coverings are Required at all times in the Range and on the Shooting Line

In addition everyone will follow the County and State mandated 6-foot social distancing policy.

3. Shooters must sanitize their hands before entering the firing area

4. Shooters will only be allowed to use their own personal items, sharing of items will be prohibited 

Equipment such as: Eye protection, Ear protection, Cardboard, Sand bags, targets, eyes, ears, guns, staplers, staples, hammer, and ammunition will NOT be provided.

The only items you will be provided are a a sterilized shooting table, 3 preset target bases, and 2 target frames.

5. You will be assigned a shooting table at check-in

Proceed directly to your assigned lane.

6. There will be no contact with other shooters

7. Shooting Distances

We will provide 3 shooting bases at preset distances you will need to bring your own targets. No targets will be allowed to be ground, bullets must impact the back berm.

8. Brass will not be allowed to be picked up off the ground

If you plan to keep your brass bring your own device to catch it. 

9. Only range officers and registered shooters will be allowed on the firing line

Shooters waiting to enter the firing line will wait in their vehicles until facility is sanitized and shooters are instructed to enter the firing line. Only one member of each household will be allowed to shoot at a time, others must wait in their vehicles.

10. Only one person is allowed to be at a shooting table at a time

Shooter must be able to operate a firearm in a safe manner on their own. No instruction will be allowed.

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